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Wine Red Hoop Earrings
As Autumn arrives, nature starts to fade away and takes on shades of rustic beauty. Landscapes become soaked in hazel, caramel, and wine. These Hoop earrings capture the essence of this haunting season with a potpourri of its elements. They...
Rs. 3,900.00
Gold Autumn Studs
Rs. 3,400.00
Gold Autumn Studs
Modern minimalism blends with nature's charms in these warm-toned stud earrings. Handcrafted leaves fold over the autumnal shades of gold in these studs, with an added dash of fiery red energy. The delicate detailing on the leaves, every carved vein...
Rs. 3,400.00
Summer Flower Studs
Summer is a feeling that fills up your senses. The air is ripe with chirping and singing and the sweet scents of new blossoms. These stud earrings are flowers so life-like, you can almost smell their perfume. The layers are...
Rs. 1,500.00
Golden Caramel Classic Earrings
The season of Autumn fills us with awe for nature's ability to change itself, as summer pastels slowly turn into shades of gold, caramel and red all around. These earrings capture its rustic beauty with its deep autumnal colours and...
Rs. 4,500.00
Gold Tones in Small Hoops Earrings
Autumn - the season of dried golden leaves, of wilting flowers. Of the morning sun shining through hazel trees. These hoop earrings embody this lovely autumnal portrait. The drops are crystals that are coated in gold foil and distress-finished, to...
Rs. 3,900.00


Old world style with new world fashion

Summer Flower Ear Cuff
You know Summer is here when the landscapes become dotted with flowers of every shape and shade. All of nature becomes a kaleidoscope. This ear-cuff has a little flower that wraps around the ear as you press it on. It's...
Rs. 900.00
Summer Stem Brooch
Summer - when nature is bursting with life. Flowers are blossoming, and branches are bent over, laden with fruit. This pin is the jewelled stem of a flower in full bloom, with fresh leaves and a bud about to wake...
Rs. 1,900.00
Summer Leaf Ear Cuff
Summer is the season of warmth and joy. Its song lives in the hearts of every flower, leaf and bud that blooms. This ear-cuff has a tiny leaf that wraps around the ear as you press it on. It's a...
Rs. 800.00
Mohini Gold and Pink Ring
Mohini herself adorns this lovely ring, where modern minimalism meets ancient splendour. A carefully handcrafted and life-like sculpture of Mohini sits proudly between slices of pink and gold. Beautifully detailed, she exudes charm and poise in one of her iconic...
Rs. 7,000.00
Gold Long Hoop Earrings
Autumn. When the sun's hazy light bathes everything in warmth and nostalgia. These hoops earrings bring together myriad shades of gold in perfect harmony with each other. They dangle and twirl, catching the light as they move. Hand-carved leaves fold...
Rs. 4,200.00

You Make Our Day

Wearing Rati Earrings

Smitten by Mohini

These were a gift and ever since receiving them, they have been my go to accessory for special occasions. I love the finnese and design of this chic and exquisite pair. Smitten by #Mohini
Nirja Desai

December 2020

Mohini Long Earrings

Give me more

I bought a few pieces from Nine Vice's collections to gift myself. I found them very unique and classy and I can wear them easily with both my Indian outfits and western dresses. Absolutely love their stuff!
Manjusha Roy Choudhury

January 2019

Summer Hoops

Love it!

Love the quality, finish and designs of Nine Vice! Beautiful colored stones put together to make a statement piece.
Manjari Jalan

August 2020

Plum Minimalist Ring

Love the finish

Elegant ring. The beautiful finish and the color of the stone gives it an antique look. Love it!
Wearing Autumn

Plum Minimalist Ring

Rathi Munukur

November 2019


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Nine Vice jewellery is an exploration of the world. Through it, I celebrate the magnificence of nature, cultures that endure and the art we create. Each jewel tells you a story of its own - stories that took me on a journey of learning that I have tried to infuse in my work. My hope is that I can indulge you in experiencing the world differently with me. I also push the boundaries of what we're told jewellery should be - sometimes quite loudly and sometimes in little ways. I do this with my master craftsmen, who have years of experience in handcrafting jewellery, breathing soul into it like no machine can. They transform my stories into memories for you.

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