The Month of Love


February – the month of love - and that also means self-love.

We recently chatted with friend of Nine Vice, Snigdha Sahal, on this very topic for NV’s Maharani Club (you can find the full talk on our Instagram page). Snigdha has years of experience working with women from different walks of society, and has a deep understanding of the dynamics at play in a woman’s life.

What emerged from our chat as the core ingredient, sometimes missing, on our journey of self-love is self-acceptance. Who we are, as we are. At our best and worst. Owning our victories and our limitations. Unapologetically.

Accepting ourselves can be the hardest but most liberating thing a woman can do for herself. It gives us the freedom to rise above our fears, to draw our boundaries, to be confident in our own skin, and to do what is in our best interest.  If I can sum it up in one line, straight from Snigdha herself, “Main Tyag Aur Balidaan Ki Moorti Nahin Hoon” (I am not the portrait of Sacrifice and Surrender). We women are so much more than that, and all it takes to realise that is a little more…. Self Love.

Catch the full chat in the reels on our instagram page - . Keep watching that space for more such fun chats with NV’s Maharani Club.

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