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Nine Vice -Timeless Classics

Nine Vice is the story of indulging You, in the experience of being You. Nine Vice brings you deviously divine jewellery to soothe the sinner’s soul. At Nine Vice we craft Vintage-style Costume jewelry that is unflinchingly unique; it marries old world aesthetic and new world fashion, turning it into wearable works of art.

About NineVice

NineVice works toward reviving concept-driven, Vintage Costume jewellery. We also define the jewellery as Fine-Fashion, because it blurs the lines between the usual definitions of fashion and fine jewellery genres. The aesthetics and treatment of each piece borrows from both, creating very unique looks for our pieces. We also try to meld the luxury of fine jewellery with the artistic expression of fashion. The beauty of costume jewellery lies in its ability to make a statement through the way it translates an idea, and each piece has a story to tell. Our themes draw inspiration from various forms of Arts, and Nature as the ultimate canvas. We translate our themes in our own unique way, to create jewels that are timeless stories.


About the Product

We at Nine Vice are romantic about well-designed, meticulously detailed products that speak volumes. We understand that the process of translation from paper to metal is crucial for the realization of our ideas. Our design is brought to life by immaculate craftsmanship, where no stone goes unturned to achieve inimitable quality. Our craftsmen work in tandem with the designer at every stage to ensure this. The jewels are made in brass, plated with gold, and bejewelled with Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones.

We constantly push the bar - bettering our finish, using different techniques of metalwork that best realize our ideas, planning every detail of the product including its back and functional components. What one sees at the end is a remarkable labor of love.