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Our Story

Nine Vice jewellery is an exploration of the world. Through it, we celebrate the magnificence of nature, cultures that endure and the art we create. We try to infuse every piece with a story to tell, which takes us through a journey of learning as well. Our hope is that we can indulge you in experiencing the world differently with us. We also push the boundaries of what we're told jewellery should be - sometimes quite loudly and sometimes in little ways.
We invite you to explore these stories with us.

Handcrafted with Love

At Nine Vice, we are romantic about well-designed, meticulously detailed jewellery that speaks volumes. We understand that the process of translation from paper to metal is vital for the realization of our ideas. These ideas are brought to life by the hands of our master craftsmen who have years of experience in handcrafting jewellery, breathing soul into it like no machine can. They are the heroes who turn our stories into memories for you.
Our craftsmen are always trying to push the bar for better quality and finish. They use different craft techniques to work out every detail of the jewel, including its back. What you see at the end is a remarkable labour of love.

Celebrating You

We understand the beauty of indulging you, in the experience of being You.

It’s for you, the woman who unapologetically accepts herself. Who is comfortable in her perfect imperfection. The woman of substance who takes pride in leading by example. For you, the explorer who yearns for the road less travelled. The artist who likes to add a touch of her unique self to everything, to make it her own. The go-getter who knows that her high heels are perfect for climbing the ladder. The diva who has embraced her inner enchantress.
It’s for every woman who wants to express herself with a statement.

Timeless Classics

At Nine Vice, we create jewels that marry old-world charm with new world fashion - turning them into wearable works of art. Artists from bygone eras have designed unique costume jewellery pieces to express their view of the world. We embody the spirit of this vintage artistry with jewels that have a home in modern life. We also try to change the conversation around jewellery in India, by blurring the lines between what is considered fashion and fine. Our pieces are a confluence of both styles, melding the richness of fine jewels with the artful imagination of fashion. Every piece of Nine Vice jewellery has stories to tell, and we’re sure there is one for everyone.

About Anvita

Anvita, an alumnus of NIFT, has spent over a decade in the fine jewellery industry with brands like Ganjam, Gitanjali Luxury, Nakshatra, Malabar Gold etc. In 2006 she was awarded first runner-up of the International Tahitian Pearl Trophy for her creation.
"My design philosophy is rooted in the adage - Details are not just details. They make the design. To me, jewellery as not just an accessory but the ingredient that adds character, that speaks for you. And art is the ultimate expression of one's inner world. I explore these different worlds through various themes and hope to pay homage to them with my work."
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