“The joy of being admired and desired is a secret vice of every woman, and the satisfaction of indulging one's inner enchantress is incomparable.”

Nine Vice aims to redefine Vintage Costume Jewellery, which today has come to mean gaudy dime-a-dozen pieces. The beauty of costume jewellery lies in its ability to make a statement through the way it translates an idea, and each piece has a story to tell. Our themes draw inspiration from various forms of Arts, and Nature as the ultimate canvas. Each design is meticulously detailed, for an exquisite experience of a confluence of styles, that blurs the lines between Precious and Fashion jewellery.


Anvita, an alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT), has spent over a decade in the precious jewellery industry,working with brands like Ganjam, Gitanjali Luxury, Nakshatra,Malabar Gold etc. In 2006, she was the first runner-up winner of the International Tahitian Pearl Trophy. To her, jewellery is not just the ornamentation of your attire, but an element that adds character, that speaks for You. And her design philosophy is rooted in the adage - "details are not just details.They make the design".

Being a classical dancer herself,she believes Art is the ultimate expression of one's inner self. And she likes to draw her inspiration from various forms of arts & crafts and pays homage to them through her work.


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